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WPRO TAF358 Washing Machine Extension Hose – 3.5m

Improve washing machine performance and positioning flexibility with the Wpro TAF358 Washing Machine Extension Hose. Solid functionalityThis 3. 5m water inlet pipe for your washing machine provides a consistent supply of cold water to your washing machine and allows you to position the appliance or the connected water source more conveniently depending on your needs. Great componentsThis Wpro Washing Machine Extension Hose gives you an additional 3. 5m of piping length to play with, and is supplied with handy gaskets to create a better seal. This means you can pipe water in easily and from further away if required. You’ll also receive maximum water filtration thanks to the included microfilter, so water coming into your washing machine via the Wpro Extension Hose is cleaner and takes better care of your laundry. There’s more than one reason to get the Wpro TAF358 3. 5m Washing Machine Extension Hose if you need to expand your washing machine’s connectivity.

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