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TADO Smart Thermostat Starter Kit – v3

Top features: Heating control from your smartphone, tablet, or PC Adaptable to your home and the weather Geofencing technology uses your location to adapt the heating Monitor and save with insightful reports Simple to setup and replace your existing system Heating controlManage your heating from anywhere on your smartphone, tablet, or PC with the tado° Smart Thermostat Starter Kit. The tado° app lets you know the current room temperature and change the settings manually. Set Smart Schedules for easy 24hour heating control, or manually adjust settings from the thermostat itself using the clear LED display and touch controls. tado° works with smart home voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri for controlling your heating without your phone. You can also create Applets with IFTTT to connect with other applications and smart devices. AdaptableFor more efficient heating, tado° uses the local weather forecast in real time to control your heating. For example, it will heat less on a sunny day. tado° learns how fast it takes for your home to heat up and cool down to ensure your heating always starts at the right time. GeofencingSave money by not heating an empty home tado° uses geofencing technology to adapt your heating. By using your location, it can start heating up when someone heads home, and turn down when the last person leaves. Monitor and saveWith insightful reports, you can easily see your temperature and heating activity for your home, helping you make informed decisions on your heating schedule. tado° can reduce your heating bill by up to 31%, meaning the average homeowner can save over £200 annually. Simple to setuptado° works with most old and new heating systems, and could be used to replace a multizone or underfloor heating themostat. Once installed, it’s simple to setup by connecting the Internet Bridge to your home’s router.

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