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SIEMENS HB43NB520B Double Oven – Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

With its stunning brushed finish and sleek double doors, this Siemens HB43NB520B Compact Builtunder Elecrtic Double Oven is perfectly designed for the household that loves to cook more. Telescopic shelf Safety for the family around hot ovens is paramount, which is why this Siemens has been designed with telescopic shelves. These shelves are heavy duty, being able to withstand the weight of heavy pots and dishes for your culinary creations. You can fully extend the shelves without the fear of tipping or buckling, giving you safer access to place your dishes inside. Having easier access to the cavity will reduce skin contact to the rack and therefore reducing burns. Cleaning made easy This oven uses specially designed ecoClean liners, which are specially designed with microscopic ceramic spheres, helping to reduce odour. During the cooking process, should anything bubble over, spit or drip, the grease is oxidised by the liners. Simply fit the liners onto the sides, back and roof of the oven and switch to the cleaning cycle. The interior temperature is raised to around 270 degrees, releasing oxygen from the gaps between the ceramic spheres. Grease and waste is then forced out to oxidise and break down, leaving the ecoLiners clean and ready to go for the next creation. Conventional Heat For all the bakers out there, this could be the best move you make. This oven uses conventional heat, evenly distributing from the top and the bottom of the oven so you get an even bake all round. Your muffins will rise to the occasion, cakes will be light and fluffy (as long as you get the recipe right!) and your bread will turn the most gorgeous golden colour. With all the fuss being taken out of having to turn your baking trays around, you can rest assured you will have fewer burnt mishaps. Grill me! If you love making your own crispy duck or healthy chicken dishes, this oven is perfect for your household. Ideal for smaller poultry and duck weighing up to 2. 5kg and also smaller cuts of meat, switch to Hot Air Grilling where the heat of the grill is combined with the fan circulation. Distributing intense heat at the top, whilst still cooking thoroughly throughout. This function is the perfect partner to crisping up crackling on roast pork, simply pop your meat in for the last 30 minutes of cooking for a mouthwateringly crispy crunch. With a full width variable grill you can grill large quantities with incredible ease. Perfect for when you have guests over to the house and need to get a rack of bacon and sausages on the go. With other traditional grills, the door needs to be left partially open. With this Siemens you can actually keep the door closed, which is not only safer for all users, it helps keep the odour in. How long to go? The electronic clock is a great feature as it offers you ultimate convenience when you need to quickly check the time whilst your food is cooking. This clock also doubles up as a timer for perfect timing whilst cooking. 3D Hotair Specially designed to give you complete control over your cooking, the HB43NB520B uses 3D Hotair technology, which evenly distributes hot air over every single shelf, even when you have multiple dishes cooking at the same time, in the same cavity. Hot spots are reduced, so you get the best cooking results for every single dish. Smart and sleek, the Siemens HB43NB520B Compact Builtunder Electric Double Oven has been designed to make your culinary life simpler, easier and more stylish.

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