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SAMSUNG T3 External SSD (500 GB) & Internet Security 2017 Bundle

Upgrade your computing experience with the Samsung T3 External SSD (500 GB) & Internet Security 2017 Bundle. Samsung T3 External SSD 500 GB Back up and move large amounts of data quickly and easily. The Samsung T3 External Solid State Drive has impressively fast data transfer speeds that makes backing up large projects, films, music, and more effortless. A 3 GB video takes just 20 seconds to transfer from your PC to the solid state drive, while 1 GB of photos takes just 5 seconds perfect for photographers. It can be carried anywhere as it weighs just 51 grams and is little larger than a business card. The body is shock resistant and made from durable metal too, so you don’t need to worry about using it out and about. McAfee Internet Security 2017 1 user for 1 year Online security McAfee Internet Security prevents viruses, malware, spyware and spam from reaching your computer, with a robust security system. By blocking inappropriate sites and setting time limits, you can make sure that your children have a safe online experience. With a detailed usage report you can keep on top of what everyone has been up to. Antitheft system Antitheft technology lets you lock and locate your stolen device. Your data will remain encrypted while you track the device, and should the computer be found, the information can quickly be recovered, or remotely wiped if the device isn’t recovered. Straightforward management True Key Identity Manager with biometric authentication lets you quickly log in to sites, apps and more using facial recognition. Block unknown devices from accessing your WiFi and remotely monitor your WiFi with ease.

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