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RANGEMASTER Hi-LITE 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Stainless Steel & Chrome, Stainless Steel

Finished in a professional looking stainless steel and with plenty of cooking space, user friendly features and a classy, illuminated fascia, the Rangemaster HiLite 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker will get you cooking like a pro in no time. Rangemaster excellence With more than 200 years of expertise, Rangemaster have a rich heritage of producing high quality, stylish kitchen equipment. A great choice for those who like the professional touch in their home, this cooker provides great functionality and features that can be used by all. Family friendly Make the most of five gas hobs, two large capacity electric ovens and a dual circuit variable grill to enjoy unlimited home cooking performance. With a host of options designed to ensure you’re always in total control, using the HiLite 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker is a delight for experts and novices alike. Spacious ovens and grill The two ovens have a combined capacity of 135 litres with the option to choose fan or conventional heating depending on the recipe. As both cavities are fanned you can cook with evenly distributed heat in both allowing you to tackle larger and more adventurous meals or feed even the biggest family. The main oven has a capacity of 69 litres and comes complete with a Handyrack. Living up to its name it’s a nifty doormounted rack that is capable of holding up to 5 kg, ideal for roasts. Designed to conveniently swivel your food out of the oven when you open the door, it allows you to check the status of your meal quickly, easily and safely. A separate grill section provides yet further variety to your cooking repertoire. Cooking control The HiLite 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker offers five gas burners, with three castiron pan supports. By offering room and flexibility to keep multiple pots and pans heated simultaneously, you’ll always be in complete control. Gas hobs offer the advantage of excellent control the change in heat is rapid, making sure that whether you are frying, simmering or boiling, it’ll always be at the exact heat you require. A wok burner provides you with the option of cooking up a great stirfry or other dish which requires intense heat and a convenient plate warmer keeps dishes warm before serving. Conscious of safety, all gas supplied hobs are fitted with flame supervision devices. Should one of the hobs be accidently extinguished, the supply of gas will automatically cut off saving gas and preventing any danger. Great looking Helping to keep your oven clean, the main oven makes use of catalytic liners. Coated with microporous enamel, the liner absorbs any splashes that occur during cooking. When heated up to high temperatures the food waste is oxidised, leaving a layer of ash that is easily wiped clean. It’s not just the features of the HiLite 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker that are impressive. Beautifully designed, it’s a breathtaking cooker that looks fantastic in any kitchen. With smart professional looking stainless steel finish, bar handles and elegant dials provide further practicality as well as stunning looks. Illuminated design Bringing light to your kitchen, the HiLite features a revolutionary new design with its stunning illuminated fascia. Creating a subtle lighting effect while cooking, the Rangemaster HiLite 90 Dual Fuel Range Cooker blends functionality and contemporary aesthetics that is sure to make a statement in any kitchen.

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