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PURE ChargePAK E1 VL-61898 Rechargeable Battery

The Pure ChargePAK E1 VL61898 Rechargeable Battery enables easy wireless listening for exceptionally long periods with your Pure Evoke 1S, Evoke Flow, Evoke Mio, Evoke 2S or One Flow radio. More radio listening timeThis fantastic rechargeable battery pack for Pure digital radios gives up to 24 hours of wireless listening. Add the ChargePAK C6L to your radio for long listening sessions wherever you go. So easy to install, you’ll be able to fit it within seconds then forget about it and enjoy loads of great listening time. A great alternative to regular batteriesThe Pure VL61898 Rechargeable Battery replaces the need for standard throwaway alkaline batteries, charging inside the radio without requiring a separate charging unit. Enjoy increased battery life with every charge, which exceeds the performance of other standard rechargeable batteries. Since it eliminates the need for disposable batteries, the charging battery is also more environmentally friendly, reducing the quantity of batteries that end up in landfill sites. Enjoy more music, enhanced convenience and improved practicality with the Pure ChargePAK E1 VL61898 Rechargeable Battery.

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