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PARROT PF723100 Minidrone Evo – Airborne Night SWAT

Take to the skies day or night with the Parrot PF723100 Minidrone Evo. LED lightsDay or night, it’s always time to explore with the Airborne Night SWAT powerful white LEDs allow you to see even in the darkest of places, while the removable shield will transform you into an adventurer. Ideal for night patrols, the Airborne Night SWAT allows you to adjust the intensity of the lights and send flashing signals. Impress with acrobaticsLightweight and agile, the Minidrone Evo can turn 90° or 180° with just a single swipe of your finger, or perform and acrobatic 360° forward or backward flip with only a click. Designed with safety in mind, the Airborne Night features a propeller circuitbreaker in case of collision. Fly like a birdJust like setting a bird free, the Airborne Night features the exclusive Free Fall TakeOff which starts the engines automatically when the drone is released into the air. Ultracompact and speedy, the Minidrone is lightweight yet offers superior flight stability thanks to a 3axis gyroscope and accelerometer. Smart controlThe Airborne Night is effortlessly controlled from your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet, connected via Bluetooth Smart with a range of up to 20 metres. Controlled via the FreeFlight 3 app, you’ll be able to perform a range of fun manoeuvres and even snap still images with the embedded vertical minicamera before uploading them to your PC. Light up the world around you with the Parrot PF723100 Minidrone Evo Airborne Night SWAT.

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