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NUANCE Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Education Edition 13

Interact quickly and easily with your computer with the Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Edition 13 software that lets you convert your words into written text to enjoy greater productivity. Productive talkingEnhance your productivity by talking instead of typing. With this software you can dictate to your computer through speaking to it. You can swiftly modify documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can even search the web and send your daily emails it’s a real timesaving tool, perfect for the home or the office. Easy talkingJust say the words and they will appear on your screen, with 99% accurate recognition that learns from you the more you use it. It’s easy to correct any spoken text and it makes for perfect proofreading. The Dragon software adapts to your voice over time to always improve recognition. It also adapts to your preference of formatting, phases and abbreviations to adjust to the way phrase words for almost seamless interaction with your computer. A wide range of helpful tutorials and simulations give you lessons in dictation, correcting and edition through talking. There are tips and an onscreen to guide you along the way and further boost your productivity. Freedom of speechGo about your daily computing with more freedom and ease, open applications, folders, menus and much more without using a mouse or keyboard. Simple voice commands do everything for you. A free Dragon Remote Mic application means you can use your Bluetoothenabled Apple or Android device as a wireless microphone for optimum convenience. Think out loud and edit your documents as you type for a much more responsive way to write and edit work. Convenient and efficientBoost multitasking with Naturally Speaking shortcuts, use direct voice commands to tackle any computing task. So you can speak “œsend email to Uncle Dave” or “œsearch Google for 87 divided by 12″. You can dictate straight to your favourite social network sites too, Dragon cuts out the effort and ensures efficiency in your everyday computing. Enjoy full text control and easy commanding with Nuance Dragon Naturally Speaking Premium Edition 13 software that lets you unlock your creativity and boost your computing productivity. Education Edition: You will be required to submit a valid copy of academic identification or charitable status in order to receive a serial number for this product.

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