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NETGEAR Orbi RBK40 Whole Home WiFi System – Twin Pack

Top features: Reliable WiFi in every room with two easy to connect units Triband WiFi provides superfast connectivity Add more satellites easily to extend into external buildings Reliable WiFi in every room The Netgear Orbi Whole Home WiFi System provides complete WiFi coverage to your home, with a reliable signal that will reach around every room. Alongside the main unit is a satellite router that’s placed at the opposite end of your home, to make sure that your devices get the best possible connection wherever you are. Triband WiFi Triband WiFi is effectively three wireless signals at once; two highspeed signals and one ‘normal’ signal. The highspeed signals are perfect for gaming online lagfree, smoothly streaming 4K video, and downloading large files in seconds. The other is great for browsing and updating social media. As you move around your home the signal seamlessly switches between the router and satellite, so your connection speed is always the best it can be. Add more satellites Setting up the Orbi is simple, as is adding more satellites. If you decide you want WiFi in the garden, garage, or into a loft conversion, just purchase another satellite and plug it in and press the Connect button to activate it. However, you’ll need a significantly large building to need more as two Orbi units have enough coverage for 4000 sq. ft. of fast internet connectivity.

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