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MIO MiVue Drive 50 LM 5″ Sat Nav – Full Europe Maps & Dash Cam

Top features: Full Europe maps with lifetime updates Advanced Drivers Assistance System helps you stay safe on the roads Locate nearby parking with Parking Assist Dash Cam records traffic incidents or stunning scenery in Extreme HD Full Europe mapsThe MIO Mivue Drive 50 LM 5″ Sat Nav has comprehensive maps of all of Europe that are updated every 3 months for free, for the entire life of the sat nav. To update, just plug the Sat Nav into your computer and use the MioMore desktop app. The Mivue Drive 50 is easy to use just tap the 5″ screen and select a route. Enjoy using the spacious display with big maps for clear route planning and big buttons for simple control. Personalise the experience with LearnMe Pro, which gets to know your driving style and provides you with new route options based on your preferences. Advanced Drivers Assistance SystemStay safe while driving with the MIO assistance systems. The Advanced Drivers Assistance System warns you of potentially risky situations, the Forward Collision Warning System lets you know if the distance between you and the car in front decreases, while the Lane Departure Warning System alerts you if you move out of your lane. And if you’re navigating a complex junction, the lane guidance system will clearly show you the correct position for your exit or turn. Using Bluetooth you can easily take hands free calls the Mivue Drive 50 will automatically switch from navigation to phone mode when someone calls you. Locate nearby parkingFinding a parking space can be a pain. Parking Assist helps you easily navigate to nearby parking spots. You’ll also receive realtime traffic information to further make your life that little bit easier, as well as safety camera alerts with lifetime updates. Dash Cam records traffic incidentsYou need total clarity to see what happened on the road or to capture a memorable sight so the MivueDrive 50 LM EU 5″ Sat Nav uses a 130° wideangle lens to record footage in HD quality, capturing more of every moment. When it comes to incidents, the camera’s ‘Gsensor’ feels bumps or sharp movements. It records whenever a collision occurs whatever the direction of impact. It records 10 seconds before the collision and 10 seconds after, then immediately saves into a folder so you’ll always have video proof of what happened. What are free Lifetime Maps?Sat nav devices or smartphone apps with free Lifetime Maps allow you to download full updates of your map every year stay uptodate with changes to road networks, addresses and points of interest, as well as new businesses, road changes and junction alterations. Updates are released at least four times a year and apply to the map that’s preinstalled on your sat nav or included with your smartphone app. Geographical coverage and features will still match the original. Updates are free of charge and provided for the useful life of the device (i. e. as long as the manufacturer supports it with software updates, services, content or accessories).

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