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MIO MiVue 785 Dash Cam – Black, Black

Top features: Full HD 1080p recording for capturing the finest of details 3Axis GSensor detects and saves sudden motion for your safety Advance driver assistance systems to help you stay safe on the road Integrated GPS which tracks your route Full HD 1080p recordingThe MIO MiVue 785 Dash Cam records in Full HD 1080p at 30 fps so finer details, like other driver’s number plates or road signs, will still be clear. It also has the latest H. 264 technology so you can capture details at a smaller file size and store more on your dash cam. GSensor for detecting impactWhen the builtin GSensor detects sudden motion, the MiVue 785 will save and lock the event recording to protect it from being deleted or overwritten. The integrated 3axis sensor records Gforces, which show the direction and force of accident impacts, which can help you in potential insurance claims. With a 140° wideviewing angle in the Mio MiVue 785, you can be sure to capture most angles. Advance driver assistance systemsAdvance driver assistance systems (ADAS) help you stay safe on the road. The Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS) warns the driver in case the car moves out of its lane, while if the distance between one car and the one in front of them decreases, the Forward Collision Warning System (FCWS) will come into action and give you a warning. Integrated GPSThe integrated GPS tracks your route, speed, altitude, longitude, latitude, and heading. With the addition of monthly updates of safety camera data for the lifetime of your dash cam, you will always be able to keep safe.

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