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FLAVEL FSBE50S 50 cm Electric Solid Plate Cooker – Silver & Black, Silver

With this silver and black Flavel FSBE50S 50 cm Electric Solid Plate Cooker you’ll get a reliable appliance to prepare everyday meals or bigger dishes for your friends. Solid plate electric hobWith four cooking zones, you’ll have the space you need to prepare different ingredients at the same time simmer a sauce on one while quickly frying up some mushrooms on another. Two of the elements offer a higher power level for times when you need more heat in less time, whether it’s for a stir fry or if you’re reheating some leftovers for a quick snack. The hob also features indicator lights to let you know if a cooking zone is still active, keeping your kitchen safer. Conventional oven cookingThe Flavel FSBE50S offers a 60 litre oven that uses conventional heating to cook your food prepare different items on each of its five levels and enjoy great versatility with this oven. You can have a joint of meat on the lowest shelf cooking slowly, with vegetables above receiving more intense heat. Builtin grillWith a fullwidth grill, the Flavel FSBE50S Electric Oven gives you even more cooking options, allowing for oilfree cooking of meat, fish and more you can even finish off desserts under the grill. So simple to cleanEnamel lining makes the oven so easy to clean once the appliance has cooled down, simply wipe it down to get rid of any mess. The inner door glass is removable too, so you can thoroughly clean the FSBE50S when you need to. Enjoy reliable performance with the Flavel FSBE50S 50 cm Electric Cooker in silver and black.

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