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DAEWOO DFF470SB Fridge Freezer – Black, Black

Top features: Spacious fridge and freezer to store all your food comfortably Nofrost freezer saves on maintenance and energy Reversible door lets you install more flexibly Spacious fridge and freezer This Daewoo DFF470SB Fridge Freezer has a generous 157 litre fridge and 83 litre freezer. The fridge is equipped with three adjustable safety glass shelves

DAEWOO DFF470SW Fridge Freezer – White, White

The classic matt white Daewoo DFF470SW Fridge Freezer provides sufficient storage for your refrigeration needs. Ample options The Daewoo DFF 470SW gives you flexible storage in its combined fridge freezer, with a total overall storage capacity of 240 litres. The fridge offers you 2 adjustable shelves made of spillproof safety glass. Position them to accommodate

BEKO BZ31 Integrated Undercounter Freezer

The Beko BZ31 Integrated Undercounter Freezer is a space saver and an energy saver boasting an A+ energy efficiency rating!4star freezingThe undercounter freezer is an ideal storage solution for the less demanding user. With a 96 litre gross capacity you have enough storage space for your frozen essentials. The BZ31 is equipped with 3 drawers

HOOVER HBFUP130K Integrated Undercounter Freezer

Freezing your food doesn’t need to take up much space; all you need is the Hoover HBFUP130K Integrated Undercounter Freezer. Getting chillyFreezing your food is simple with over 3 cubic feet of space in this 4 star freezer. There are 3 drawers to store your food in, so you can keep the essentials for your

BEKO FXS5043W Undercounter Freezer – White, White

A sleek and stylish design with a reversible door, the Beko FXS5043W Undercounter Freezer will attractively sit under any kitchen counter. A cool freezeThis Beko freezer has a 85 litre storage capacity and three compartments for easy storing. There are two clear front drawers and a flap compartment for organising your frozen goods. The stylish

BEKO FXS5043S Undercounter Freezer – Silver, Silver

A sleek and stylish design, the Beko FXS5043S Undercounter Freezer will fit into your kitchen layout easily and provide accommodating storage. A cool freezeThis Beko freezer has a 85litre storage capacity and three compartments for easy storing. There are two clear front drawers and a flap compartment for organising your frozen goods. The stylish freezer

SAMSUNG RSA1RTPN American-Style Fridge Freezer – Platinum, Silver

Top features: Conveniently cool with a large capacity A cool freeze to store your frozen goods with ease Conveniently coolWith a spacious 345 litre fridge and a generous 198 litre freezer capacity this stylish Samsung fridge freezer is ideal for a family. The fridge has 5 adjustable shelves for you to organise and store your

SAMSUNG RFG23UERS American-Style Fridge Freezer – Silver, Silver

This ultra stylish Samsung RFG23UERS Americanstyle Fridge Freezer is crafted with elegance and convenience for supreme food storing. Spacious storageThis large fridge freezer is built with thin wall insulation technology allowing more room for food storage. There is a spacious 450 litre fridge capacity and a generous 207 litre capacity for frozen goods. The frostfree

SAMSUNG RSA1SHPN American-Style Fridge Freezer – Platinum

Get stylish storage space and great ingenuity with the Samsung RSA1SHPN AmericaStyle Fridge Freezer designed in Platinum Inox. Super functionsCreate the right conditions for your food produce with the RSA1SHPN, with controlled temperatures and space for each type of food keeping freshness for longer. The supercool function gives you the instant cooling boost your produce

MIELE F9122Ui-1 Integrated Undercounter Freezer

The Miele F9122Ui1 Integrated Undercounter Freezer has an attractive gloss white exterior and a design that is built to last through the years. The small freezeThis stylish freezer has 97 litres of storage capacity for all those frozen goods. The A+ rating for energy efficiency promises that this billfriendly freezer runs effectively. There are three

HOTPOINT FFAA52P Fridge Freezer – White, White

Be sure to create a stylish focal point in your kitchen with the Hotpoint FFAA52P Fridge Freezer in brilliant gloss white and with a whole range of useful features. Chilled featuresThe FFAA52P is just under 55 cm wide with a generous 255 litre total storage capacity. The three fridge shelves are made from practical safetyglass,

INDESIT CAA55 Fridge Freezer – White, White

The Indesit CAA55 Fridge Freezer is a fantastic appliance with a number of practical features designed to compliment any kitchen. Cooling capacityWith a huge 260 litre total capacity the CAA55 is an excellent choice for accommodating all your chilled and frozen produce. Rated A+ for energy efficiency and with hygienic operation, this is a smart

HOTPOINT FFAA52S Fridge Freezer – Silver, Silver

The Hotpoint FFAA52S Fridge Freezer marries minimalist design with the latest antibacterial features for a smart and practical kitchen appliance. A huge capacity at your disposal Although small in width at just under 55 cm, you will be able to store food for the whole family in the smartlooking Hotpoint FFAA52S which boasts 150 litres

HOTPOINT FZA36G Undercounter Freezer – Graphite, Graphite

Let the A+ economically efficient Hotpoint FZA36G Undercounter Freezer take care of storing your frozen produce in a fully frostfree environment. Controlled climateWith practical functionality the Hotpoint FZA36G has a high temperature warning light and a fastfreeze option making sure your produce stays fresher, for far longer in a controlled environment. Benefit from the use

HOTPOINT RFAA52P Fridge Freezer – White, White

Top features: 260litre capacity offers plenty of storage space 4star freezer keeps your goods frozen 260litre capacityThis Hotpoint fridge freezer has a generous 260litre capacity that is ideal for a family but is narrow enough at 545 mm to fit into most kitchens. The fridge has three safety glass shelves so you can organise and

HOTPOINT FZA36P Undercounter Freezer – White, White

Fourstar storage and a great capacity of 100 litres is only the starting point with Hotpoint’s FZA36P Undercounter Freezer. Frost Free and fast The FZA36P is fully frost free and has an incredibly useful fast freeze option. All this is neatly packaged up with a fantastic A+ energy efficiency rating, so it’s kind to both

BEKO CT5381APW Fridge Freezer – White, White

For a smartlooking mediumsized appliance, the Beko CT5381APW 40/60 Fridge Freezer fits the bill. Storage space You will have no problem storing your fresh food in the CT 5381APW, which offers over 140 litres of cool storage. There are 3 adjustable shelves to store your food on, and the salad crisper is great for keeping

BEKO FXF5033W Undercounter Freezer – White, White

The pristine white Beko FXF5033W Undercounter Freezer is a space saving solution for any kitchen. Small but perfectly formedThe Beko FXF5033W Freezer has a storage capacity of 75 litres, making it perfect for the smaller household, or for overflow storage space. Scoring 4 stars for freezing and an A+ for energy efficiency this freezer concentrates

MIELE F12020S-2 Undercounter Freezer – White, White

Miele’s intelligent design can win its place in your home with the A++ energy efficiency rated F12020S2 Undercounter Freezer built on 15 years of quality testing and success. Fully flexible Be assured of fast and flexible storage with the Miele F12020S2 Undercounter Freezer together with its capable 104 litres of freezer storage. Opt for the

MIELE F12011S-1 Undercounter Freezer – White, White

Store your food in a healthy and reliable fashion with the Miele F12011S1 Undercounter Freezer. Professionally compactThe F12011S1 can fit snugly underneath your kitchen’s counter whilst still performing to the highest of standards with its fabulous fourstar rating. Miele’s undercounter freezer has three clear drawers, allowing you to organise your goods without any hassle. It