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HOMEDICS CBS-1000 Shiatsu Back & Shoulder Massager

This Homedics CBS1000 Shiatsu Back & Shoulder Massager gently massages away your aches and pains using a combination of shiatsu, heat, rolling massage and soothing vibration. Back and shoulder massages are delivered using a single track for 80% more coverage and fourteen programs with variable intensities allow you to benefit from a customisable experience. These

BRAUN ExactFit 5 BP6200 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Braun

Top features: Professionally accurate systolic, diastolic and pulse measurement Catch issues early with irregular heartbeat detection Comfortable fit with two cuff sizes and soft inflation Easy to use with large buttons and an LCD display Systolic, diastolic and pulse measurementCatch high blood pressure early and look after your heart with the Braun ExactFit 5 BP6200

OMRON Soft Touch HV-F158-E TENS Pain Reliever

Assuage your muscle and joint pain drugfree with the OMRON Soft Touch TENS Pain Reliever. Using electrical nerve stimulation, this Pain Reliever helps block pain by releasing your body’s natural painkillers and improving your blood circulation. The Soft Touch TENS features three automatic programs and five intensity levels to help you find the right treatment

OMRON MC-520-E Gentle Temp Ear Thermometer

Keep track of your child’s temperature with the Omron MC520E Gentle Temp ear thermometer. Easy to use and accurate, this thermometer reads temperatures in next to no time. It tracks up to nine readings so that you can monitor changes over a period of time. Temperature is displayed on a large LCD display so that

REVLON Travel Chic Manicure Set

Keep your nails looking at their best even when you’re away from home with the Revlon Travel Chic Manicure Set. It can be powered by mains or AA batteries and comes with 13 attachments so you can treat your hands and feet. And when you’re finished, there’s also an integrated nail dryer which blows cool

A&D Instruments A&D INSTRUMENTS UA-651BLE Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Top features: Bluetooth connectivity to monitor your health the smart way Wellness Connected App for a complete view of your health stats Clinically validated for greater reliability Bluetooth connectivity Actively track your health with the A&D Instruments UA651BLE Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, which simplifies the process of recording and streamlining your results. Amongst other

OMRON M3 HEM-7131-E Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

Top features: Intellisense technology ensures ideal cuff inflation Irregular heartbeat detection Memory settings store a large amount of data IntellisenseAccuracy is of the utmost importance when recording your blood pressure, which is why the Omron M3 HEM7131E Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor features Intellisense technology. This inflates the cuff to the ideal amount each time

OMRON E3 Intense HV-F021-EW Pain Relief Massager

Top features: Portable pain relief to take anywhere you go Presets target specific body zones Portable pain reliefIf you suffer from regular pain and don’t want to keep taking painkillers, the Omron E3 Intense helps to deliver relief for your symptoms. The unit is small enough to fit in your pocket so can be carried

OMRON MicroAIR U22 NE-U22-E Nebuliser

Top features: Portable nebuliser ideal for travelling Wide medication compliance and simple control Silent operation doesn’t disturb others around youPortable nebuliserThe Omron MicroAIR U22 NEU22E Nebuliser is portable, easily fitting in your pocket or bag when you’re travelling. It makes it easy for you to treat conditions like asthma wherever you are, discreetly and conveniently.

OMRON MC-720-E Gentle Temp 720 Contactless Thermometer

Top features: Simple contactless measurements are ideal for checking on children Three temperature readings for a complete picture Backlit display makes it easy to see results at night Simple contactless measurementsTake fast, simple and contactless temperature measurements with the Omron MC720E Gentle Temp 720 Contactless Thermometer. This makes it ideal for checking on unwell children

OMRON MC-510-E2 Gentle Temp 510 Ear Thermometer

Take fast temperature readings with the Omron MC510E2 Gentle Temp 510 Ear Thermometer. The unit is compact and can be comfortably held in one hand, while the probe covers fit inside your ear. It’s so easy to use the Gentle Temp 510 with its onetouch controls, you can even use it on yourself without assistance.

OMRON HBF-306-E BF 306 Body Fat Monitor

Keep track of your health with the quick and easy to operate Omron HBF306E BF 306 Body Fat Monitor. Simply hold the unit and receive measurements within seven seconds, tracking your body fat percentage and BMI. The unit is battery operated (not included) and can store data for up to nine separate users. » Check

REMINGTON CR4000 Reveal Perfect Pedi

Keep your feet silky smooth and soft with this easytouse Remington CR4000 Reveal Perfect Pedi skin remover. Without any scrapping, the Reveal Perfect Pedi uses a rotating barrel to gently get rid of hard, dry skin, leaving you light on your feet. » Check Price Now!

BRAUN ExactFit 3 BP6000 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, Braun

Take accurate readings of your blood pressure in the comfort of your own home with the Braun ExactFit 3 BP6000 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, which is approved by the European Society for Hypertension. The ExactFit 3 comes complete with two cuff sizes to suit your body style and measures systolic, diastolic and pulse rates.

BEURER FWM50 Shiatsu Foot Massager & Warmer

Take care of your feet with a traditional technique that is scientifically proven to promote physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. The Beurer FWM50 Shiatsu Foot Massager & Warmer helps to improve blood circulation, reduce toxins and nourish your muscles. The FWM50 features a shiatsu massage and heat function that relieve swelling, aches and pains in

BRAUN ThermoScan 3 Ear Thermometer, Braun

Record precise ear temperatures in just one second with the Braun ThermoScan 3 Ear Thermometer. Readings are simple to understand with different beeps indicating normal, elevated and high temperatures. There’s an easy to read LCD display and the probe is suitable for use with newborns. » Check Price Now!

BEURER BY60 Electric Breast Pump Plus Set

Top features: Complete set with accessories and carry bag Memory function stores your preferred settings for use Corded or cordless use for flexibility Complete setEverything you need when expressing breast milk is included in the Beurer BY60 Electric Breast Pump Set. The comfortable pump has ten stimulation and pumping levels, while the included accessories include

BEURER FT90 Non-Contact Thermometer

Safely and hygienically measure temperatures with the Beurer FT90 NonContact Thermometer. Ideal for use on babies and small children, you don’t need to make contact with the skin for accurate readings within ± 0. 3°C. Displaying temperatures in both Celsius and Fahrenheit on the easy to read XL display, the FT90 also has temperature and

BEURER HK Comfort Heat Pad

Treat and ease cramp, muscle pain, arthritis, rheumatic pain or stiffness with the Beurer HK Comfort Heat Pad. Suitable as a safe alternative to hot water bottles, the pad has three heat settings and auto shut off in case you fall asleep. The pad is quick to heat up, has a breathable microfibre surface and

BEURER HK 55 Easyfix Heat Pad

The Beurer HK 55 Easyfix Heat Pad is a safe alternative to hot water bottles and ideal for easing cramp and stiffness or arthritic, muscle or rheumatic pains. It has three heat settings and a Velcro strap so it can also be rolled and used as a neck heating pad. Machine washable at 30° when