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BRITANNIA Delphi 110 RC11XGGDEK Dual Fuel Range Cooker – Matte Black & Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel

The Britannia Delphi 110 RC11XGGDEK Dual Fuel Range Cooker in matte black and stainless steel delivers energyefficient yet versatile cookery with its two ovens, three grills and a large gas hob. A hob with plenty of spaceSix gas burners give you ample room to cook all manner of ingredients and meals at the same time, at different controllable intensities. Cast iron pan supports keep your cookware level and in place, robustly withstanding the heat and rigours of daily use. The Delphi 110 also has two 5 kW dual wok burners so that you have flexible space and power at your disposal. Use the 0. 48 kW central burner to delicately heat your food, or cook on the full burner if you need fast, responsive heating. More functions for better cookeryThe main oven offers 52 litres of space and 9 different functions that allow you to combine different types of heating for diverse results. From batch baking to roasting, casseroling and everything in between, you can use the fan and top and bottom elements as you need. An automatic programmer lets you set the oven to cook when and how you want it to, so that you can get the results you want. In the second oven, the Delphi 110 RC11XGGDEK Range Cooker gives you a further 42 litres of space and four oven functions that combine fan and conventional heating to give you even more versatility. A rotisserie in this oven allows you to enjoy tender, juicy chicken and turkey in less time than roasting would take. Triple grillingBoth ovens in the Delphi 110 feature integrated, fullwidth electric grills that give you further cooking options prepare ingredients in a healthier way that locks moisture in, or add colour and texture to all manner of dishes. There’s also a 24litre dedicated grilling compartment that allows you to grill even more food at once, so you can use the cooker’s full complement of options at once for true versatility. Fanned grilling allows you to cook faster and achieve more even results. Convenience brought to lifeThe Britannia Delphi 110 RC11XGGDEK Range Cooker features a Quickstart function in the main oven, which rapidly preheats the cavity for improved convenience and economical performance. The highquality shelves are fitted with telescopic runners in the main oven for smooth, easy extraction and insertion, and to prevent accidental over extension and tipping. Catalytic liners oxidise fat spits and food spillages in the oven so that you can quickly and easily wipe away the mess. Use the programmable meat probe to test when your roast is cooked to perfection, and keep essential pots, pans and other cookware in the handy storage drawer, which features a softclose mechanism for a more peaceful kitchen. Elegant and incredibly functional, the Britannia Delphi 110 RC11XGGDEK Dual Fuel Range Cooker in matte black and stainless steel will take centre stage in your kitchen.

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