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BOSCH SMS88TW06G Full-size Smart Dishwasher – White, White

Top features: Tailored cleaning with smart sensors and automatic cycles Gentle cleaning programs for delicate glassware and crockery Lowmaintenance programs ensure thorough wash results Stunningly quiet EcoSilence Drive Home Connect smart capabilities give you more control Tailored cleaning cyclesThis Bosch SMS88TW06G Fullsize Dishwasher is stocked with programs to ensure that cleaning crockery is easier than ever. The AquaSensor, load sensor and heat exchanger monitor detect soiling, water levels and load sizes to adjust water levels as necessary. The TFT display and electronic delay timer are simple to navigate, giving you full control. You can choose from several automatic programs to deliver the most suitable wash for each load and select safety features such as the child lock. Gentle cleaning programsThe Glass 40° program, GlassSecure tray and glass rack ensure that delicate items receive a gentle wash, preventing damage. Lowmaintenance programsThe Aqua stop feature ensures that the appliance is protected from water damage. When paired with resourcesaving water management programs, such as ActiveWater and Zeolith, it minimalizes waste ideal for those needing a lowmaintenance appliance which helps to protect the environment. Stunningly quietThe silence programme and Super Silence feature allow the machine to operate at a whisperquiet 42 dB. EcoSilence Drive not only provides reduced noise levels but also limits energy consumption, which is great for households looking to run evening cycles. Home Connect smart capabilitiesDownload and connect to the Home Connect app to enjoy even more flexibility from your dishwasher. The app lets you to start the dishwasher remotely and informs you of relevant information during a cycle. The Easy Start function will advise on wash settings and there’s an integrated EmotionLight that can be changed via the app, so you can set the mood for your housework.

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