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ADVENT C112 Keyboard & Mouse Set

Set yourself up for premium desktop computing with the Advent C112 Keyboard and Mouse Set. Designed for quality and comfort This high quality Mouse and Keyboard Set benefits from a comfortable shape and design that promotes ambidextrous use. The mouse weighs less than 100 grams, so you barely notice it as you move it over your desktop, while the keyboard features a standard key layout for straightforward, familiar usability. Both mouse and keyboard are perfect for everyday use. Efficient technology The mouse provided in the C112 Desktop Set uses an optical LED light to detect mouse movement relative to the surface you’re working on, making it even easier to use and giving you increased cursor control in nearly all situations. Since both keyboard and mouse use straightforward USB connectivity, desktop clutter is kept to a minimum too. Zero setup With no laborious setup procedures, all you need do is plug the Keyboard and Mouse Set straight into your USB ports. This also removes the need to keep replacing batteries since you’re wired to the computer directly, you’ll always be powered up and ready for action. For a brilliantly functional and affordable desktop interface solution, look no further than the Advent C112 Keyboard and Mouse Set.

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